Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How dangerous is Cyclamen to a cat?

My cat got at my mother's new houseplant, some cyclamen. I've told her again and again to keep the plants out of the reach of the cat if she HAS to have the stupid things, but she wouldn't listen to me. As a result, my cat got curious, chewed up a good part of it and vomited repeatedly all over our carpet. I only found out last night what kind of plant it was and that it was harmful to kitties.

After she vomited up what was still in her tummy from breakfast and lunch, she started vomiting some foamy peachy-colored glob with little red bits in it (I debated whether those bits were blood or flower petals). I shut her in the laundry for the night, checking on her occasionally. She was lying in her bed, pupils dilated and purred when I petted her. This morning when I had checked on her she had only vomited twice more. Her eyes were no longer dilated and she submitted to being picked up, and purred. I plan on taking her to the vet tomorrow, but is the danger over? Will she be okay? =/

How dangerous is Cyclamen to a cat?
Well first of all cyaclamen can be harmful to cats. It is a good sign that your cat vomited. Since she did vomitemost of the toxins from the plant have came up. She will live. And about the purring thing well Cats purr when they want to. They do often purr under stress (NOT FROM ILLNESS OR BECAUSE THEY ARE ANGRY) Purring under stress has more colorfully been described as the cat's mantra, a self-soothing, self-healing, relaxing, vibrating sound (sort of like the Ommmm one might hum while in the lotus position.) It is soothing for the animal. But other than since she did make it thought the night I would have to say your cat is out of the woods. It says that this plant can be harmful to cats, not fatal. Your cat will only do it once. And I'm sorry but no one can report you because of your concerns you did nothing wrong and this was not an act of Curelty. But call your vet and talk with him. Explain what happend and make sure he knows every thing. In the mean time watch you cat closely. Make sure she eat, drinks, and uses the potty like normal. If you see any changes in the cats behavior take the cat in to the vet a.s.a.p. I hope your cat gets feeling better.
Reply:Keep in mind that cat's don't only purr when they are happy. They often times purr when they are angry, hurt/sick, or very scared as well. A lot of people mistake a purring cat for a happy cat, and that is not always the case.

p.s. CJ, your list stopped at d, there's a large part of the alphabet missing.
Reply:You should call a vet on the phone and discuss this issue with a professonal, ASAP, if you have not done so already. They should be able to tell you better than anyone here what the real risk to your cat is, if it is OK to wait till tomorrow, or if you should go today.

I've linked a list of poisonous plants below, maybe you should share it with your mom. I have alot of houseplants and usually hang the ones I don't want my cats to get into, from a plant hanger hooked onto the ceiling. There is virtually no way cats can get to a hanging plant unless it is near a table or some other object they can climb on.

Also, check out the link for ASPCA animal poison control center. They have a 24 hour hotline you can call, and they should be able to give you some more specific info about that specific plant.
Reply:Please read the attachment I am sending to you! Poisonous Plant List Plants poisonous to animals list. Vote for me!

Aloe Vera


Apple (seeds)

Apple Leaf Croton

Apricot (pit)

Asparagus Fern

Autumn Crocus


Baby's Breath

Bird of Paradise

Branching Ivy


Buddhist Pine


Calla Lily

Castor Bean


Charming Dieffenbachia

Cherry (seeds and wilting leaves)

Chinese Evergreen




Corn Plant

Cornstalk Plant


Cuban Laurel

Cutleaf Philodendron




Devil's Ivy


Dracaena Palm

Dragon Tree

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